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March 20

Happy new year from the girls who never plan ahead and rarely accomplish things in a timely manner (including writing of blog posts)! We kicked off the first chocolate cake excursion of 2011 at L'Espalier, the Back Bay restaurant probably best known for its fancy French cuisine and as one of the most expensive restaurants in Boston, because you know how we roll. Thank goodness for Restaurant Week (this is our second) because L'Espalier had a $20.11 prix fixe lunch menu. Our first course was not especially memorable--endives with some foam--but everything else was yummy! We both had the arctic char with risotto. Arctic char, if you remember from our first Restaurant Week at Mare, is a most environmentally friendly choice of seafood. So delicious and sustainable!

We decided to go crazy, mix it up, and order different desserts! There were two options and we always share because we were raised so well, so this wasn't too difficult. One was a cute pairing of panna cotta and raspberry mousse cake, but the star of the show was the dark chocolate cake. It was really good--it had a lightness that was airy, but still dense enough to be darkly satisfying. Yum!

What is with French food and foam? 

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