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April 2

When we first came up with this idea and were still gathering places to try, we couldn't think of any place that was really renowned for their chocolate cake, until Steph's co-worker said, "Umm...Finale!" Finale is really known for having truly indulgent desserts, and we knew we eventually had to try their Dark Chocolate Decadence. This flourless cake is so dense, it's really like solidified fudge--you actually have to put some effort into getting your spoon through it!

Steph's photo comment: "artsy!" Thanks, friend!

We enjoyed our chocolate cake with frequent guest taster Xing-Yin, as well as Hillary's sister and brother (visiting from San Francisco). This heavenly little dessert followed brunch at Hillary's, and it was actually a small post-birthday surprise for Steph! Seriously, I got her a gift card for her birthday and registered it on Finale's website. You get a free dessert for your birthday, and this was Steph's...just a little tip from your favorite chocolate cake blog!

Steph's comment when I told her this one was free for her birthday: "Sweet! No pun intended."

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