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Kickass Cupcakes

April 17

For Marathon Monday weekend, two of our favorite girls came to visit Boston and join in the chocolate cake adventure: Lolo and Dana! Lo really wanted to have brunch, and even gave our little group a name: Bitches Who Brunch. Love it! The first meeting of BWB took place at Gargoyles on the Square, which turned out to be a really fun disco-themed fête complete with self-served coffee. Steph was a little suspicious of how we chose the place (we picked it off the Metro's list of brunch suggestions, its primary advantage being that it's listed first), but the food was great and the ambiance was fun! Definitely recommended.

On to dessert! It was really nice out, so we walked the long way to Kickass Cupcakes in Davis Square. First of all, this place obviously gets points for the name, and the cupcakes lived up to it! Among our group, we tried red velvet, carrot cake, a banana bread-like cake, and quite a few others (true fat kids). The one that looked to be most promising, of course, was the Super Chocolate!

Kickass Cupcakes are really pretty too!

Super Chocolate turned out to be more like a brownie than cake. It was awesome, but so brownie-like that we thought it wasn't really cake. So in the world of best chocolate cakes: disqualified! However, we also got the vegan chocolate cupcake, a flourless cake with a chocolate ganache center and chocolate frosting. Yum! This was a much better chocolate cake! Steph's rating: pretty bangin'. And because it's vegan, it's healthy too! (Well, relatively so...)

We spent the rest of the day reminiscing at Wellesley, which has a wonderfully elaborate retrospective at the Davis right now of the found-objects/material artist El Anatsui. We then had dinner at Lemon Thai (a Wellesley College student favorite, though I stand by my opinion that it is not good Thai food), and Lauren and Dana experienced more nostalgia by treating themselves to Truly Yogurt. What a happy day! 

Lauren's fat-kid comment of the day: "I only eat this much when I'm with you guys." We love you too!

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