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June 18

There are more than a few things that Steph talks about even a year after they happen, and dollar oysters at Patio top the list. As her friends know, Steph is a raw oyster aficionado, and when they are only a dollar, she can have a field day! She is also obsessed with horseradish. Who is possibly as crazy as this girl is about horseradish? Of all things.

So now that it's summer, we went to P-town with Mike, Steph's most awesome cousin (with whom we also spent the previous two weekends)! On what is hopefully to become an annual trip, it was an absolute requirement to drop into Patio during happy hour for dollar oysters, cocktail shrimp, and meatballs! We had the most outrageously alcoholic gay man for our waiter. Every drink on the cocktail list was his favorite!  He insisted that if we didn't like his recommendations, he would take them off the check and drink them himself. He even said, "I hope you like them. But actually I hope you don't, because then I'll get to drink them." I think he also told Hillary to "just shut the f*ck up and order" when she didn't have her ID and insisted that she could go back to the car to get it.

After many rounds of delicious oysters (and almost sickeningly sweet cocktails), we decided to try an out-of-town, Boston-area chocolate cake for the quest. This is after all an adventure! I don't remember what it was called, but it was like a frozen chocolate mousse. Overall pretty good, but not amazing!

We even kept the horseradish for dessert!

Patio, apparently, is where all the straight people go in P-town. For reference, in case you're interested in where else the straight girls went with Mike: we also had brunch at Enzo's, dinner at Napi's (really eclectic, and amazing veggie options), and pizza at Spiritus. The pizza was really, really good! I'm sure gay people go there too.

Temple Bar

June 14

Please accept our apologies for the months-long hiatus! But don't fret, your favorite fat kids were still hard at work finding the best chocolate cake in Boston! After almost two months chocolate cake-free (what were we even doing in May??), we finally sat down at Temple Bar on Mass Ave for dinner with a side of catching up. Even though we had just spent the previous 2 weekends together. (Trip to NY and Second Saturday at the Machine!) But Xing-Yin chose the location, and I think at this point we both hadn't seen her for a while, so we did have a lot of catching up to do! If only that were my job.

The only chocolate cake on the menu was German chocolate cake. Did you know that German chocolate cake is not from Germany? It was invented by an American whose last name was German, and was originally called German's chocolate cake, and people dropped the 's over the years. Neither of us are the hugest fans of German chocolate cake, but Steph thought it was good! So passable, but still not the best.

The strawberries make it healthy.