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Blue Ginger

Oct. 15

As a 4-and-a-half-month post-commencement celebration, Steph and Hillary took Lolo to locally-famous Blue Ginger in Wellesley! We had never been while at Wellesley, and had always wanted to try their renown Asian-fusion fare. We wanted to take Lolo in May, but our poor girl was under the weather from lack of sleep. You know, the usual studying too hard for finals, working non-stop on her thesis, and maybe even something caught from having too much fun as well...

Because it's Blue Ginger, we have to share what we had for our meal! Steph loves Shiitake mushrooms, so for our appetizer, we shared the Shiitake-leek springrolls and they were amazing! We also shared our three entrees, one of which was Blue Ginger's signature sake-miso Alaskan butterfish. The butterfish lived up to its name (how can something have the word "butter" in it and not practically melt with tastiness?), it was as smooth and delicious as the arctic char we had at Mare! Everything was also nearly perfectly proportioned, so we had just the right amount of room for dessert!

We had no question about what to order for dessert- the bittersweet chocolate cake, covered in chocolate ganache and served with cardamom (a ginger spice) ice cream and a wafer. In our case, we got two wafers because we told our server that we were celebrating Lolo's birthday! (Who celebrates a graduation on a rainy October night?)

Happy Birthday, Lolo! It even comes with a birthday candle!

Despite being reminded by Evelyne to bring a camera, we forgot! So the above photo was taken on Lo's camera. The chocolate, cake and ice cream were all really good! But Steph argues that you have to take the cost of the dessert into consideration, so her overall assessment: not worth it. However, as Evelyne faithfully noted, the awesomeness of the chocolate cake correlates strongly with how much fun we have on the outing. We love Lo, and now that she's off in Hanover, NH, spending time with her, laughing over a meal and sharing chocolate cake are even more precious celebrations! So as a toast to our friendship, this chocolate cake does pretty well!

Highlight of the evening- Steph: "I would never date a pizza delivery boy because when we go out for pizza, I want him to pay for the pizza. I don't want him to high-five his bro!"

Incidentally, I love high-fiving my girls :)

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