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Legal Sea Foods

Sep. 24

Back when we were still coming up with places to visit for this odyssey, Steph had lunch at Legal Sea Foods with Mama Teresa and came back raving about their warm chocolate pudding cake! You may not think of chocolate pudding cake (with sides of vanilla ice cream and a coconut cookie) as being among the menu items worth raving about at Legal, but Steph insisted that we try it, so on the list it went (by the way, at this point, our list consisted of Bar Lola and Legal Sea Foods)!

Return to present last-Friday: Hillary and Steph hadn't seen each other since our rendezvous at Mare for restaurant week and tiramisu panna cotta! With our non-overlapping (underlapping?) out-of-town trips and hectic life schedules, making time for chocolate fell sadly to the wayside. Then Steph called Hillary on a Friday spent at a conference in Copley Square, and Hillary hopped on the T to meet her!

We weren't quite in the mood for dinner, as Steph still had a business dinner scheduled that evening and Hillary--let's face it--eats throughout the day at work. So Steph came up with the perfect compromise: raw oysters from Legal's seafood bar. Now we feel that our assessment of the oysters is just as important as our quest for the best chocolate cake, not least because many of our friends love oysters! Steph had the clever idea of trying one each of the four types. We judged the Kumamoto oyster, all the way from the island of Kyushu, Japan, to be the tastiest one! Whichever one came from Cape Cod was also really good. Though all delicious, we differed in our opinions of the final two; Steph enjoyed the meatiness of the oyster from New Jersey/ New York, while Hillary liked the sweeter flavor of the Canadian oyster. Also, Steph loves horseradish--when we came back from Memorial Day weekend on the Cape (P-town!), she bought a jar of it at the grocery store. Seriously, I've never seen anyone love horseradish so fanatically!

On to dessert: without even having to consult a menu, Steph requested the warm chocolate pudding cake. This ooey-gooey mound of molten goodness didn't possess the density of the cakes we normally prefer, but it is, after all, chocolate pudding. The chocolate itself was delectable, and the texture was the perfect balance between liquid hot chocolate and flourless cake! Steph insisted that it was even better warm (judging by the degree of melting of the vanilla ice cream, our server had most likely forgotten that  our divine dessert was waiting to find a home in our tummies!). But this definitely goes on the list of possible bests!

I love spontaneous get-togethers!

 We forgot to bring a camera again

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  1. Somehow I have a feeling that there is a strong correlation between your assesment of the awesomeness of the chocolate cake in question on a given outing and the fun-ness of the outing itself. In other words--you can never objectively find the best chocolate cake in Boston. Keep on looking anyway--we love reading about it!