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Sunset Grille (Sunset Cantina)

Aug. 5

We love reunions! Our friend Evelyne came to visit from Minnesota, so we met up with her and a couple other college friends for dinner at Shabu Zen in Allston. Steph is obsessed with this place! She has been talking about it longer than Hillary had been talking about the chocolate cake at Bar Lola. This was Hillary's (and Evelyne's!) first time at Shabu Zen, and not only was the company terrific, the food was great too! The vegetarian option was delicious, which was good because Evelyne and Hillary are vegetarians (actually, Hillary is a pescetarian, which means she still eats fish). Let's definitely go back!

After dinner we had the boldness to go for frozen yogurt! There was a place on the same block that charges by weight, but the frozen yogurt was a disappointment, so we only ate our toppings. Hillary and Evelyne had tart frozen yogurt at Berry Line the day before, so they weren't frozen yogurt-deficient!

Last item on the menu of events that evening: we strolled down to Sunset Grille on Brighton Ave, sister to Sunset Cantina on Commonwealth Ave. While we were planning to sit around, have a few beers, and enjoy Evelyne's company for the remainder of her visit, we didn't neglect to check the dessert menu! Sunset Grille doesn't have a traditional chocolate cake, so we tried their baked chocolate cobbler! This gooey, chocolate confection was basically a brownie with a side of ice cream and malted cream. Everyone around the table had a bite—it was delicious, and even more so when shared amongst friends! We decided that of the three chocolate cakes we've tried on this quest so far, this was by far the best! So Sunset Grille's baked chocolate cobbler is in the running to be the best chocolate cake in Boston! Unfortunately, we again forgot to bring a camera, and I don't remember how it looks, so this entry is without a picture.

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