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Bar Lola

We start off our chocolate cake adventure with a bang! We celebrated a friend's birthday 2 years ago at Bar Lola, where the cake was so flourless and dense, it was the closest thing to solid chocolate a cake could get! We chose Bar Lola as our first stop because Hillary has been talking about this cake for over 2 years, and we had still not gone back! That all changed on Friday, June 25, 2010, when we commenced our quest!

Something else that changed, unfortunately, was the cake, and it wasn't just the delicious memory of the flourless chocolate cake past. This chocolate cake was dripping with raspberry sauce and had a layer of white chocolate on top! And while the variety may seem like a good idea, we prefer our chocolate unadulterated! In fact, we mostly only ate the bottom (the chocolate part), which Hillary thought was still great because, come on, it's chocolate cake! Steph thought that the fruit was the best part (healthy, too!). Her overall rating: not a fan. That takes Bar Lola out of the running to be the best in Boston!

Other highlights of the weekend:

-We went out with Steph's coworker on Saturday night, and one of his friends thought we were a couple! We would make an awesome couple, because love of chocolate cake is only one our many compatibilties!

-We visited Lolo in Connecticut! She made us lunch, which was amazing of her, and we got to meet her sister and dog, who Steph decided to christen Baloo! It was decided among us that the highest rating achievable by a chocolate cake would be "bangin'." Lolo also treated us to Dr. Mike's ice cream, where Hillary had—what else?—rich chocolate with hot fudge.

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